First Time Visitor

What to Expect

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Where Do I Park?

There is guest and handicap parking on the main church parking lot north of Grand Central Avenue, with additional parking available on the church lot south of Grand Central Avenue. A shuttle runs on Sunday mornings to bring you to the church from the parking lots. In case of inclement weather, you may drop-off passengers under a covered walkway before parking.

What Should I Wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in. You will notice people dressed casually, in business casual, as well as in suits and dresses.
Brian Dembowczyk

Where Do I Go?

The covered walkway leads directly into the church building as you walk north toward Kennedy Boulevard. Members of our First Impressions Team are stationed under this walkway to help direct you. Once you enter the main church building, walk up the half flight of stairs and straight down the hallway until it reaches a T-intersection. You can reach the Worship Center by turning either right or left and following the hall around. The restrooms are down the hall to the left.

Nursery and preschool care is in the Carlton Building on the corner of Grand Central Avenue and S. Plant Avenue. Someone will be at the Check-In Desk to help you securely check-in your baby or toddler.

Is the Building Wheelchair/Handicap Accessible?

Yes, it is. A wheelchair ramp into the main building is located just to the left of the entry doors that leads through the Dining Room. An elevator is also available in the main building.

What is the Worship Service Like?

The service begins at 10:45 a.m. and generally lasts until 12:00 p.m. Guests are asked to complete a Guest Registration Card, but are not singled out in any way during the service. The music is a blending of traditional and contemporary hymns supported by guitar, piano, organ, and orchestra. Words are projected on screens in the front of the room. Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to join our pastor at the front of the church about ten minutes into the service for a Children’s Message. An offering is collected about midway through the service, but this is primarily for our members and guests should feel free not to contribute if they do not desire to. The message lasts between 35-40 minutes and concludes with an invitation to respond.