2014 South Tampa Prayer Walking Initiative

What is Prayer Walking?

Prayer walking is simply praying for your neighborhood as you walk through it and ask God to bring to your attention the various needs and opportunities in your community.


Why should I prayer walk?

God wants you to be His agents of reconciliation, healing, and evangelism in your community. Part of the reason some followers of Christ don’t impact their community for Christ more is that they don’t know their community enough and they aren’t imploring God to give them opportunities to make Him known in it. Prayer walking is one way you can get out into your neighborhood, learn about it, develop a broken heart for it, and potentially even have the opportunity to share the gospel with someone in it.


Where should I prayer walk?

We have divided South Tampa into 12 major Zones. Each zone is broken down into Areas that a team should be able to prayer walk in one outing. Some teams might be able to cover two or three Areas in one outing. There are 547 total Areas to prayer walk. Many of the Areas overlap, so if you know you want to prayer walk multiple Areas, you might want to take ones that are adjacent to minimize additional walking.


Who should I go with?

While you can certainly prayer walk alone, it is highly recommended you go with someone else. Go with your family or a friend. Partner with someone from your Core Group. Ask someone you have been wanting to get to know better to go with you. Just try to prayer walk as part of a team.


When should I go?

Go during daylight hours so that you can observe the Area your are prayer walking and so you can be as safe as possible. Other than that, it’s up to what works best for you! We will also schedule several church-wide prayer walking days so keep your eyes open for these to be advertised at the church.


What Should I Do As I Prayer Walk?

The goal of prayer walking is in the name: praying. You don’t have to stop and talk with people, although you may if God leads you to. The goal is to cover the Area you chose in prayer. You don’t have to pray out loud, although you may do that as well. If you are with a team, you can take turns praying out loud, you can pray “popcorn” style as something prompts you, you can pray silently, or you can pray some other way you feel led. As you walk and pray, God might bring a ministry need or opportunity to your mind. If so, write that on your report. When you have finished, turn in your Prayer Walk sheet.


North American Mission Board Video

To learn more about prayer walking, watch this NAMB video: